Vicki Peterson
Vocals, Main Guitar.
Vicki borned January 11 1959 in San Fernando's Valley, Northridge. She had their first guitar to the seven years, although it was made of plastic. From child she composes and play music. She described herself saying: "I am the incarnate chaos"!.
Their first band was with Amanda, her best friend, when she was in the school. Vicki studied English in UCLA. When finished it, she concentrated on her musical career, finally forming "The Bangs".
She played the guitar in a Tonight Show with Belinda Carlisle (song: "Lay Down Your Arms"). She replaced Charlotte Caffey in the tour of meeting of the GoGos in 1995.
Vicki is now in "Continental Drifters", having recorded two albums and one single (Up to 1998).


Time After The Bangles
Vicki made many collaborations with other groups after Bangles. In 1992, she entered to be part of the group Psycho Sisters.

In 1990, she tried to make an album in solitary, but the LP never came out for sale.
In 1993, Vicki entered in Continental Drifters. From then on, alternating Vicki both groups.


Continental Drifters: album. (CD)
Continental Drifters single : Christopher Colombus Transcontinental Highway (7") Psycho Sisters single : 'Timberline' 1992 (sol 354)
She replaced Charlotte Caffey in tour of 1995 of the GoGos.
Double Single : 'Farmers Daughter' / 'Stoned Soul Picnic' (5 single box set 1992 , GusatanVs records) (there is another double single available)
Continental Drifters album : Vermilion. 25 de mayo de 1998. (LP with gift single / CD).