Susanna Hoffs
Vocals, Rythm Guitar.
Born in Los Angeles January 17 1959. Titled in fine arts in the University of Berkeley. She is married with the Jay M. Roach, director of the first one and second parts of Austin Powers. She has 2 children, Jackson and Sam.
The beginnings of Susanna begin with "The Psychiatrists", with 2 of her brothers during their university studies in 1976. She also played in a band with Dave Roback that later formed "Rain Parade".
Susanna replied announcement in "The Recycler" in December 9 from 1980 from Vicki. They saw that they had things in common and next to Debbi and Annete Zalinskas they formed the group.
She has appeared as actress in the movie "The Allnighter" that was directed by her mother Tamar Hoffs.
Everything points to that the fact that she was the focus of attention of the band it shot the bad relationships with the rest of the group and their later rupture.
The first LP that she buyed was "Ladies of Canyon" from Joni Mitchell.
The Time after Bangles
When the group Bangles separated, Susanna already had a contract with Columbia Records to make a LP. Susanna looked for David Kahne that had taken the first steps of the group. She began to record at the beginning of 1990.
The result was "When You Are a Boy". Initially the LP should come out in summer of 1990, but due to the launching of Greatest Hits of Bangles, she was delayed to 1991. The album was placed the number 83 in the American Billboard and the song "My Side of The Bed" in the number 30.
The second single "Unconditional Love" of Cindy Lauper reached the number 65 in the United Kingdom.
Susanna saw as this first album was not what she wanted besides too commercial. For it, she recorded her second album following her husband's recommendations in 1993. This album was a guitar recording. But Columbia Records didn't agree with the new musical address of Susanna and she didn't want to take out the LP to the light, and she even tried that Susanna will record again
In 1994, Susanna decided to break up definitively with Stiffel-Philips and she signed with Gold Mountain Entertainment and soon after she signed with London Records, subsidiary of Polygram. Susanna was able to be taken of Columbia all the albums that had made previously without resistance (usually, the artists should pay to get the rights).
The new album called "Susanna Hoffs" came out in 1996. This new LP was full with feelings and the songs demonstrated it. "Weak with Love" that spoke of their sensations on John Lennon's murder or "Eyes of a Baby", on their son's birth.
The first single "All I Want" arrived to the number 32 in the United Kingdom and at the 77 in United States. The song was one of the Top 5 more played in the radios.
But Susanna didn't stop and she appeared as guest in the movie "Austin Powers" and she sang one of the songs "The Look Of Love".
In 1998 Susanna she had her second son and problems to record her new LP.
For then, Susanna and Debbi had begun to work meetings again. 1999 would be the year in that Bangles join again.
When You're A Boy (1991): album. (LP/MC/CD)
Susanna Hoffs (1996): album (MC/CD)
Other Songs
You Were On My Mind (1992) : Included in BSO of 'Fathers and Son's'.
We Close Our Eyes (1992) : Included in BSO of 'Buffy Vampire Slayer: The Movie'.
Now and Then (1992) : Included in BSO of 'Now and Then'.
2 songs in BSO of 'Austin Powers' (1997) : BBC & The Look Of Love.
Stuck in The Middle Of You (1997) : Included in BSO of 'Bean'.
Fool in Love (2001) : Included in BSO of 'Meet The Parents'. Nominated to the best song in the Oscars.
My Side Of The Bed : Single (7"/12"/cd)
Unconditional Love : Single (7"/12"/cd)

Personal Data and others:
Birthday: 17-1-1959, Los Angeles, CA
Fathers: Joshua y Tamar Simon Hoffs
Brothers: John y Jesse
Religion: Judia
Sons: Jackson y Sam
Favourite Bands : Beatles, Velvet Underground, REM, Dusty Springfield, Patsy Cline, Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro
Guest Star in Movies: The Allnighter, Austin Powers, The Haircut, Stony Island
Favourite Actors : Aidan Quinn, Dustin Hoffman, Cary Grant, Anthony Michael Hall
Favourite Actresses : Natalie Wood, Audrey Hepburn, Julie Christie, Molly Ringwald
Favourite Movies: The Graduate, Seeking Susan Desperately & Austin Powers (¿Why it will be?)
Favourite Colour : Blue
Works: Dancer, painter, actress
Favourite Book : Sophie's Decision

Hero when she was child: Carla Fracci, Natalie Wood, Audrey Hepburn, Patti Smith

She likes: hearts, flowers, jewels, taking a shower, a great song, book or movie, a great kiss
She dislikes : Violence, say goodbye.