Michael Steele
Vocals, Bass.
Michael borned June 2 1959 in Los Angeles. Michael grew in Pasadena. She began to play the guitar in her boyfriend's band.
Michael belonged to the group "Runaways" during four months, when she was discharged. after this, he worked in a store of disks and she desisted of playing in bands, until a friend offered him a room in a house that was played with that of Vicki.
She had played in many bands before incorporating to the group Bangles, including the group "Runaways". She was the vocalist leader and bear for a brief period. She sings as main vocal in the album "Born To Be Bad".
Since she left the Bangles, Michael has played with "Eyesore", and working actually in a project in solitary.


The Time After Bangles

Michael has been during years in the anonimity and the informations around her have been very poor.

She wanted to make an album in solitary and she offered it to David Geffen, but it never ended up being materialized. In spite of it, Michael has always been near Vicki Peterson.

Michael work in "Psycho Sisters" and "Continental Drifters", Vicki's groups. In 1994, she incorporated to "Crash Wisdom".

In 1996, she incorporates to the group "Eyesore", but for what seems the group she thinks that there is not chemistry among their components (all) and Michael returned to their career in solitary.


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