Debbi Peterson
Vocals, Drums.
Debbi was born August 22 1961 in Northridge, she is married with Steve Botting and she has a son, Brian.
Debbi decided not to study university studies, thwarting its parents that wanted that she was nurse.
Vicki bought her first drum working in a McDonalds that "was one of the worst experiences in my life ", according to her. Vicki's first band with Debbi was called "The Fans".
She appeared in a commercial for "Slice", a drink. Gina Schock of the GoGos also appeared in this commercial (in 1985).
Around 1992 she recorded her first single that was included in her album, with Siobhan Maher of River City People.


The Time after Bangles
After the Bangles separated, Debbi thought of following her career in solitary, but finally she opted to form a new group of girls that initially called "Smash Box".
In 1992 and after several problems with the components of this group, she forms Kindred Spirit and they rush a single "Here in my Eyes". To the return of a tour, they got ready to throw a new album, but Gina Schock left the group and a legal battle began to recover a material that considered his.
In 1995, the group was able to take out the first album "Kindred Spirit". The style was varied, from acoustic songs until Spanish ballads, dance and R&B.

In 1996, the group lost the recording contracts with IRS Records, what caused a commotion in the band and forced Debbi to look for a new contract. From then on the group has not recorded again.


Kindred Spirit : album.(CD)
Ask Me No Questions : single England. (7"/CD)
Here In My Eyes : single.(7"/CD) (Co-write with Gina Schock)
'Can't Wait For You' played in 'Baywatch'(01.20.96 u.k.)
'Christmas Son' : Song from christmas compliation called 'Mother and Child'