The history of Bangles begins at the end of the 70, when Vicki and Debbi played in the band "The Bands" next to Vicki's partner, Amanda.
Amanda went of the group to be devoted to her studies and the sisters Peterson they put an announcement in the newspaper "The Recycler", knowing Susanna. It was December 9th, 1980, 1 day before John Lennon's murder.
Under several names ("The Colours", "The Supersonic Bangs" or "The Bangs") they played starting from that instant. In 1981 they publishes "Getting out of hand" published by its own record company ("Downkiddie Records") that had very good welcome locally. However, in that moment they had to do without of the name "The Bangs" since another group already existed with the same name. The definitive name was "The Bangles".

Since Debbi could not be devoted to play the battery and the bass, they decide to incorporate a new member, Annete Zalinskas. In that time, the president of IRS, Miles Copeland ears news about them and they sign a contract. The EP "The Bangles" is published with five songs.
Soon after of publishing the EP, Annete abandons the formation being substituted by Michael, forming the definitive quartet. Michael gets the work when responding to Vicki's question: "You describes your dream band", answering: "The Yardbirds with vocals of the convention of Fairport". While, Miles Copeland and Mike Gormley of IRS Records convince to the record company CBS so that it signs a contract with Bangles. It was the year 1983.

April, 1984. "All Over the Place" is published and very well received by the critic and although it is not in the first positions of the lists, the group becomes very considered by the radios. 2 singles were extracted of this album,"Hero Takes to Fall" and "Going Down To Liverpool".

1986. "Different Light" supposes a new success of Bangles, thank you overalls to songs like "Walk like an egyptian" that arrived to the number 1 in USA during 4 weeks and to the number 3 in UK. No other feminine group had had this honor before. They won many awards, including Single of the year, better Video of the MTV and better International Artist in England for the Music Awards. "Manic Monday", written by Prince, becomes the number 2 of the lists of United States and Great Britain.

1987. Contribution to the movie "Less than Zero" with Simon & Garfunkel version: "Hazy Shade of Winter", number 2 in USA, number 11 in Great Britain. In summer they begin the "Bitchn Summer Tour". They sang many of the songs of its first two albums and four new songs: "Happy Man Today" of Michael, and early versions to "I'll Set You Free", "Be With You" and "Crash and Burn".

January, 1988. "Everything" is the last work totally new from The Bangles. With new producer, Davitt Sigerson. Before going to the study, Vicki declared that she wanted that this new work had more rock and roll, and return to the roots. In October, the new LP is in the shops. In this LP, the songs composed by the group were plentiful. The most famous song were "Eternal Flame" that gave him the number 1 in it USA and several countries of Europe, as England, and it was the 5th most sell single in 1989, although it was view for the group (except Hoffs) like a break in the way of making the things of Bangles. The public opinion saw to Bangles like Susana Hoffs's group, what it didn't like to the rest of the group. The year of more success of Bangles became this way the beginning of the disintegration of the group for an internal conflict.

1989. After the tour "Everything Everywhere Tour", the group signs with Stiffel-Phillips, new company of Los Angeles. But manager's change doesn't save the band. In September of 1989, dates of their planned World Tour are cancelled. One month later, Susanna and Michael announce in the offices of Stiffel-Philips that they leave the group. The group is dissolved. In the following months, both explain their reasons.
Debbi says in 1992: "We were meetings nine years, you already know", "we made many tours...", "I Want to find myself."
Susanna is expressed in a similar way in 1991.

1990. "Greatest Hits" is published, with 2 new songs. The album was placed among the 10 first of the list of UK during the incredible quantity of 97 weeks and eventually in the number 4 in that country. The last album that contained some song that had not been was previously included in some other LP, as "Everything I wanted".

In 1991, after the breakup of Bangles, each component of the group began their careers in solitary. Susanna Hoffs launched their first LP, but the success that had it was rather small and Susanna already began to think of the possibility that the breakup of the group had not been the best solution, so she made a first intent of gathering to the group again. Their first call was for Vicki, but this didn't want to participate. Then, she tried to call to Debbi, but this not even wanted to speak with her. Michael wasn't localizable. That this way, the first intent of return of the group was frustrated.

After seeing that the group probably join no longer again, Susanna decided to continue with their career in solitary, but its second work it not even left to the light, what contributed to the "error" sensation in the breakup of the group. During this time, Susanna married with director Jay Roach and they had 2 children. On the other hand, Vicki entered to be part of Continental Drifters, getting a good success in Europe. Debbi formed Kindred Spirit and Michael gave turns trying to cure an emotional wound (the dead of your father from cancer). All of them made collaborations with other artists, but always for separate. The only time that could be seen was in Rodney Bingenheimer's party in 1994.
In July of 1994, Different Light was platinum 4 times, the first album of Bangles that reached this register.

In 1998, there was a new intent to gather to the group, taking advantage of the third tour of the Lilith Fair on the part of the promoters of the fair. But again, the intent failed. However, some of the most important differences between Susanna and Debbi were solved during this year, opening a light to the hope.

In 1999, the husband of Susanna directs Austin Powers's second part (in the first one, Susanna had already sung some song) and he requests to Susanna writes another song. Susanna contacts Debbi so that both write the song and this accepts. Later (with a lot of effort) they are able to convince Vicki so that it accompanies them and they record 4 songs. During the sessions, the group fixed its differences, not without being said all the bad things that they thought some to others. This therapy was effective and the old wounds began to heal definitively.

About this, Debbi said: "We sit down in a room and we said: it is necessary to take out this ahead". on the other hand Vicki added: "We returned saying: you bothered me when...", "I loved us to begin to tell us the things that we didn't want to listen".

The recordings were very fruitful, but not everything was well. "We cannot make this without Micki", Vicki said. "Or at least not without their permission". after speaking with Vicki and Debbi, Michael accepted to be the bass and the choir of Get The Girl."

And the thing went to better. Them same they were surprised of the very that they connected after 10 years without playing meetings, what caused them a feeling of freshness, of excitement. "It was amusing", Michael said.

But the seed of the meeting was already planted. The first steps were to take the topic with caution for not ruining it definitively. When the song appeared in the second volume of the soundtrack of Austin Powers 2, the rumors were shot, helped by the participation of the group in a tribute to the Beatles June 25 1999. Then, they counted that it had been an experience.

But July 18 the 2000, Bangles announced that they will carry out a new disk, the first one in 12 years. The meeting was already a fact. The following month, they were already recording in the study with the producer of Black Crowes, Georges Drakoulis. Of the recording sessions, it is said that they recorded around 30 songs, with names as: "The Good is", "Here Right Now", "I Will Take Care Of You","Lost At is", "One Of Two", "Ride The Ride", "Stealing Rosemary" or "Single By Choice". The group carried out a press conference to speak of its meeting and they commented the possibility to even record a second CD for the spring of the year 2001 that it would go accompanied by a world tour.

According to words of them, they declared that their meeting was not because of the revival of the 80 that was experiencing the music, but to the feeling that they had when recording "Get The Girl". "I am delighted. Nervous for what is coming", Michael said.

During the month of September of the 2000, the recording process stopped because of a minitour that the group would make to sing its new songs (and the old ones also). The dates were:

Sept, 13; San Diego, Calif.; 4th and B
Sept, 15; Las Vegas, Nev.; House of Blues
Sept,16; Ventura, Calif.; Ventura Theater
Sept,21-23.; Los Angeles, Calif.; House of Blues
Sept,26.; Chicago, Ill.; House of Blues

The songs of the disk will be written by the group in general, recovering songs written in the past and some of Susanna Hoffs made with posteriority to the breakup of the group.

Little before the minitour, September 1, they played during 2 hours in the SilverLake with Liquid Circus name. The night was excellent and the band was perfect according to testimonies. The list of the songs that they sang was:


1. Hazy Shade of Winter
2. Live
3. If She Knew What She Wants
4. Return The Two(NEW)
5. The Rain Song (Song of Continental Drifters/version)
6. Manic Monday.. con Waiting For My Man(Version)
7. Here Right Now (NEW)
8. September Gurls
9. Stealing Rosemary(NEW)
10. You Were On My Mind(Version)
11. Going Down To Liverpool
12. I Will Take Care of You(NEW)
13. Get The Girl
14. In Your Room
15. Ride The Ride(NEW)
16. Angels Don't Fall In Love
17. I'm Not Talking
18. Walk Like An Egyptian...with... Mrs Robinson(Version)
19. Hero Takes A Fall


20. Eternal Flame
21. Dover Beach
22. 7 by 7 Is


During the year 2001 the group has carried out several concerts in United States and they dared to come to Europe, exactly to London to carry out a concert with enough success.

Although the initial dates said that the disk would be clever to the principles of the summer of the 2001, the time has passed and due to the great activity of the group these months with their tours for United States, the disk has taken in finishing. It is not still tasted like certain science when it will leave for sale, but the opening of the official page of the group ( and their constants tours, don't already leave place to the doubt. Bangles has returned and very soon they will bring us its new disk that according to themselves, it will be a return to the origins, with a sound more than garage, like at the beginning of its careers. That is to say, a more similar sound to "All Over The Place."